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Professional Driver Training

Our range of services includes driver training:

1. Professional Training

Our professional training services are covered by Act No 374/2007 Coll, which was approved on 6 December 2007 and came into effect on 1 April 2008. This statute has fundamentally changed mandatory training for lorry and bus drivers both in terms of the scope of the training and the persons to whom the training is directed, not to mention in terms of training providers too. It is a mandatory transposition of Directive No 2003/59/EC, which introduces an entirely new obligation for certain categories of drivers to hold certificates that are valid in all EU member states. Prior to its introduction, the majority of EU countries only required lorry and bus drivers to hold a driving licence. Under the statute, drivers are required to undergo compulsory training for140 or 280 hours. All new drivers to whom the statute applies will have to complete this training by the dates specified below. In addition, drivers will have to complete 35 hours of continuing training over a period of 5 years. This additional training will be divided into five annual seven-hour training courses.

  • Interactivity – no more reading from brochures

  • Ability to read driver smart cards and highlight errors

  • Presentation of possible ways to avoid fines


​2. Instructor Training at Training Centres

We offer the instructor training at training centres. This covers everything from how to carry out professional training to working with software and fitting our products:

  • Highlighting the most frequent errors during training

  • Information on the necessity of load security training

  • News about regulations and decrees


3. General Training

We offer you general training, or training tailored to your current requirements:

  • Optional presentations of our software
  • Possibility of tailored training courses


We can offer you training in the following areas:

  • bluTacho service/application 
  • TachoScan / 4Trans software
  • Regulation (EC) 561 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC), Commission Regulation (EC) No 1360/2002 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 581/2010
  • Commission Directive 2009/5/EC
  • Operation of digital tachographs
  • Load securing


Application Reference - bluTacho