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bluTacho Application

We are well aware of how unclear and needlessly complicated many legal regulations can be. Wanting to clarify and simplify things for ourselves and those around us, we developed bluTacho. This simple and clearly organised application helps both drivers and hauliers deal with red tape with ease.

We created the bluTacho app in cooperation with both hauliers and drivers who helped us to find a model that is tailored precisely to their needs. Such a service seemed necessary to us. bluTacho is a low-profile app, yet it is still constantly able to ensure that drivers are under legal protection and know exactly what to do. Thanks to the app, they do not have to bother themselves with legislation, and can concentrate fully on what they do best.

  • Downloading, assessing, and archiving data from driver smart cards
  • Automatic processing of supporting payroll documents
  • Easily accessible information on all driver duties in one place
  • Required documents in electronic forms
  • Clear information on the ADR treaty, overweight loads, and securing loads
  • Video tutorials on tachograph control
  • In short, bluTacho is a pocket guide for safe and comfortable by-the-book driving all over Europe.


Application Reference - bluTacho